Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I am trying to download the PEPPER font on a Macintosh 10.4.8 for a class that I am currently taking. The instructions on your website will not work.

Answer: Send us an email that describes what is going wrong. Can you download the four font files to your desktop? Can you find the Mac Font Library? Can you move the files into that folder? If not, do you have administrative access to your computer? If so, are the fonts not showing up in your word processor even though they are in the Mac Font Library? If that’s the case, what word processor are you using?


Question: I tried downloading the PEPPER font files numerous times but it wouldn’t let me. I get redirected to a website with a list of text and symbols–so, it wasn’t downloading on my computer at all.

Answer: When you download a font, you need to right click on the link. If you have a one-button mouse, hold down a Ctrl key and click on the link. Then select “Download linked file…” in Safari or “Save link as…” in Firefox from the popup menu. If the browser wants to save a font file as a text file (e.g., as pep.ttf.txt) remove the .txt.


Question: I’m having trouble downloading the PEPPER font to my computer and wondered if you could help. I’ve gotten administrative privileges on my computer, followed the directions as specified, but when I look in the “fonts” file under control panel, I can’t find PEPPER.

Answer: Select “My Computer” on the Start menu. Open the C: drive. Click the “Search” icon at the top. Select “All files and folders.” For “All or part of the file name” put in: pep*.ttf Click Search. This will tell you where the files ended up. Where they belong is in your C:\Windows\Fonts directory.


Question: I’m having difficulty figuring out how to move the PEPPER font so I can use them in Word, Power Point, etc. Any suggestions?

Answer: Select Start -> Control Panel. Double click on “Fonts.” This displays the directory to which you should copy the four PEPPER font files.