Downloading and Installing Pepper Fonts on Windows 7

  1. Log in as an administrator.
  2. To download, CLICK on the following link:

  3. Save the file to your Desktop.
    Save Pepfonts
    Save As
  4. Find the file you just downloaded. You may need to close or shrink some windows so you can see the desktop behind the windows. You may need to right click on the desktop and select Refresh.
    Pep Fonts Folder
  5. Open it by double clicking on it.
    Open Pep Fonts
  6. Copy the 6 files to your desktop.
    Font Files
  7. Open the “Fonts” folder.
    Start MenuControl PanelFonts
  8. Click on one of the font files on the desktop. Then hold down a Ctrl key on the keyboard and click on each of the other five files. Then drag them into the Fonts folder. This installs the fonts.
  9. Remove and the six font files from your desktop by dragging them to the Recycle Bin.